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The New Prometheus - A Cyberpunk Action Thriller series.


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The World of The New Prometheus

Neo London - 2124AD

In 2048, during World War III, London was wiped of the map.

Five years later, the cleanup began, and by 2124, Neo London is a thriving, world leading, cyber city, home to many of the Mega Corporations that dominate society. But it's also home to crushing poverty and inequality.

When those who still lived there refused to move out, Neo London was built upon a platform held up by massive support buildings, and the old city was left to rot. Now this Undercity is rife with crime, and home to those who cant afford to live with the rich and powerful.


Estranged from her corporation employee parents, Frankie lives alone in a dingy apartment in London. During the day, she works her boring day job, but at night, she travels to the Undercity to try and help the Exiles - Bankrupt people forced into the undercity by crushing debt to the corporations.

She works with Back Alley Cyber Docs to help Exiles with malfunctioning Cyberware or Nano.

But when a Jacker Gang attack the Exile camp, hunting for Cyberware to rip from those too weak to defend themselves, Frankie is caught in the crossfire, and fatally shot.

Luckily for her, Doctor Xenox was close by...


On the run, and hiding from his former employer, the Psytech Corporation, Xenox refused to help Frankie in her humanitarian mission, preferring to remain hidden.

But there was something about Frankie, that captured his attention. So the choice was made to fashion his masterpiece in her image.

Later, coincidence, chance and some forward planning led to Frankie falling victim to a Jacker Gang.

She was dying and in need of a cyborg body.

Just what Xenox needed...

Cyborgs and Nano

In 2124, technology has advanced to the point that the dreams of Science-Fiction writers are now reality.

Bains hooked up to the net are common, as are artificial limbs and even complete body replacement. But this tech doesn't come cheap and is usually paid for by monthly subscriptions to the corporations.

But even if you prefer to stay fully organic, everyone's body is home to millions of Nanobots. The failure of Antibiotics decades ago forced Nano on everyone, passed from mother to child in the womb in a never ending cycle.

In the future, your Nano subscription to the corporations begins the day you're born.


The Corporations take a dim view of anyone who can't afford to pay. They use a legion of Cyber Agents and a small army of Operators to enforce their rule.

In Neo London, the Police are powerless against corporations, and politicians are little more than puppets who live in fear of the corporations Agents.

One such Agent is the Cyborg Mercenary, Hellion.

A Time for Change...

Few can stand against the Corporations and survive, something which Frankie knows all too well.

But things have changed.

There's a glimmer of hope somewhere in the darkness.

With her cutting edge cyborg body, keen sense of justice, and a little help, Frankie might finally be able to change things...

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