Collection: E-BOOK - Magi Argent

Atticus Argent, an independent Magus, is forced to take a side in the war against the darkness.

The world of Magi Argent

The Magi

In the shadows of this world, the Magi fight a civil war between those who serve the dark powers, and those who resist them. The war has raged for millennia, and shows no sign of slowing down.

But as in any war, there are those in the margins, those who abstain and disagree. Some Magi prefer to remain independent and go about their lives, ignoring the conflict around them.
And then there are those who exploit or profit from the war.

The entrepreneurs, the profiteers, and the grifters...

Atticus Argent

My name is Atticus Argent, and I’m not to be trusted. The council call me a malcontent, dealer or grifter.

That's fair, I guess. I've got no interest in their war, and I refuse to pick sides. I’m just trying to survive by making a few deals and skimming off the top. It's easy money for those with the right connections, like me.

You see, I really don’t care about the war between the Magi factions. It’s not my fight. Never has been.

I just want to do my thing, live my life, and have some fun. And it was all going swimmingly, until the damn Magi Council caught up with me...


The Inquisition is no more, but the darkness is far from eradicated. The Disciples of the Cross failed in their mission and paid the price. Now it's our turn.

After years of hiding in the shadows, the Sisters have taken their place, but we will not make the same mistakes. There are shades of grey in this world, and we need to work with those who fight the same evil we do.

Having joined forces with the Magi Council, I've been assigned to help their latest recruit investigate a new evil, providing I can refrain from killing him first.


Not everyone would be happy having a vampire for a roommate, but luckily for me, Atticus never hesitated.

I'd been a friend of his mentors for years, so when I found myself without a roof over my head, Atticus came to my rescue.

Like Atticus, I've never taken much interest in the politics of the Magi or the Vampires and prefer to walk my own path.

But I am loyal to my friends, and if Atticus needs my help, I'll be there.


I've always struggled to find my place in the world, and becoming a Magus didn't help much.

I was grateful to find a mentor who shared my discontent and a friend in his other apprentice, Atticus.

When the Council arrested our mentor, I turned to the Nomads out of spite. In hindsight, that was probably a mistake. But my contacts within the Nomads can be useful, when they're not trying to kill me for deserting them.

At least Atticus doesn't hold a grudge.


It's strange how life turns out. After millennia in my home, the Elemental Realm of Shadow, I was summoned to the Material Realm and bound into the shape of a cat, of all things.

Weirdly, I've come to like it here and served Magi of all kinds, Atticus being the latest.

He saved me, and I owed him. That debt was long since settled, but I've come to enjoy the idiot's company, so I'll stick around for a while.

Besides, he amuses me.