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Action Packed thrills in a post apocalypse wasteland.

The Wasteland

Wracked by a Supernatural maelstrom, the world is an endless barren desert. Where seas once teamed with life, there's nothing but rusted hulks of ships, and miles of salt flats. Within these wastes, in the ruined cities or vulnerable camps, the last vestiges of humanity cling to life. They survive by fighting off marauding gangs of raiders, hoards of shambling zombies, and nightmarish monsters that hunger for their flesh.

This is a harsh, unforgiving world. But there are heroes in the wastes...


Nero is a man, reduced to a simple, single goal.
Survive. He’s wandered the wastes for years, travelling from camp to camp in
his V8 Charger, offering his formidable fighting skills to anyone who can feed
him or refuel his beloved vehicle. When it stopped at the Watchtower, it was to
be just another stop, another camp, that would blur into the hundred before it.
But fate, it seemed, had other ideas…


Nyx, a slave girl with a secret. Having lived all her
life at the Watchtower, under the rule of Custodiac Rex, she lives in fear of
his unwanted affections and advances. This is not the life she wanted, and
remembers little about her family, or where she came from. Her only link to her
past, is the sword that was once her mothers. To appease her, Rex allows Nyx to
train with it under the tutelage of his finest swordsman. But little does Rex
know that a recent revelation has awakened a spark of independence in Nyx, and
when a wanderer visits the Watchtower, she finds herself drawn to him…

Nero's V8 Charger

In an altercation with a gang of Raiders, Nero shot the leaders car, damaging it.

The leader took Nero's truck as punishment, leaving him the ruined V8 Charger.

Already a skilled mechanic, Nero repaired the vehicle, and took it as his own.

Since then, it's been his mode of transport, his attack vehicle, and his home, and he's become quite attached to it.

Nyx's Sword

When Rex took Nyx from her mother when she was just a child, he took her mother's duel swords as well and melted them down. He re-forged them into this blade and hung it on the wall so Nyx would remember what he did.
Her only link to her mother, Nyx adores her blade and cherishes her time training with it while waiting for the day when she can reveal what she can do with it.

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