Collection: E-BOOK - The Magi Saga

Amanda's magical epic adventure.

The world of the Magi Saga

The Magi

Ordinary people with an extraordinary gift, the ability to weave magic and miracles with a thought.

Since before recorded history, the Magi have fought amongst themselves, a shadow war between those who fight the dark powers and those who serve them.

Now, as the slumbering gods stir, a 2000-year-old prophecy of one woman, a Magi, who will guide us through the coming darkness, may be fulfilled by the most unlikely of girls.

The Artefact

Deep in the Egyptian desert, the remains of an archaeological dig are being slowly consumed by the shifting sands. The team found far more than they bargained for in that tomb and paid a heavy price.
Two things escaped from that tomb, and both have a date with destiny.

The artefact and the creature.

A passing traveller stole the curious artefact, a carved slab of sandstone, and sold it to a merchant in the Cairo Market.

Meanwhile, the creature travels hundreds of miles, across the ocean to New York, desperate to exact revenge on an unsuspecting redhead.


Amanda never knew her parents. Raised in an Irish orphanage, she ran away as a young teen, and managed to get to New York, the city of her dreams. But Manhattan wasn’t as welcoming as she’d hoped.

Years later, Amanda’s best friend has taken ill and left the country. Broke, turning tricks and desperate for a better life, Amanda has finally saved enough to join her friend.

But days before she’s due to leave, she’s attacked…

The Attack

Amanda is grabbed and thrown down an alleyway by a creature from her nightmares. Utterly terrified, Amanda watches the werewolf stalk towards her. Overcome by emotion, she throws her hands up in a vain effort to defend herself as the thing attacks.

Energy surges through her, and somehow, she throws Magical lightning at it, blasting it away.

Now, as a novice Magus, Amanda must fight to escape New York while attempting to make sense of the dangerous new world around her.


In a UK suburb, schoolgirl Liz, listens as one of her friends tells her about his recent family holiday to Egypt, and the curious artefact he brought back with him.

Shy and nervous, Liz relies on her confident and outgoing sister for support. For years, the siblings have nurtured a strong bond that’s manifested in small but bizarre and unexplainable events that they keep a closely guarded secret.

But when Liz looks at this mysterious artefact, she see’s something more than just a slab of sandstone…

Gentle Water

Having waited years for this moment, Gentle Water is nervous, but his mentor has prepared him well.

Soon Amanda will leave New York, and travel to the Ireland to be with her friend in the Donegal countryside, where Gentle Water waits.

The weight of destiny is heavy on his shoulders, but his path is clear, and the fate of the Magi and perhaps the entire world hangs in the balance.


Where there’s light, there is also darkness, and the same is true of the Magi.

The Arcadians fight to protect humanity from the horrors in the shadows.

Meanwhile the dark Magi known as the Nomads, serve those shadowy powers, hunting for any edge they can use in the war.

So, when news of a curious new Artefact some kids are investigating travels beyond the scholars they speak to, it attracts some unwelcome interest.

But not everything that’s evil, is ugly…


As the threads of destiny and fate weave together, chess pieces move and clash.

Plans put into motion millennia ago move towards their ultimate conclusion as ancient users of Magic and their god-like masters prepare for the fight that is to come.

As Amanda steps into this world and takes her place on the board, little does she realise the role she has to play, and few know just how important she will be.

Except perhaps the Nomad known only as Yasmin…