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Nights Rise - EBOOK

Nights Rise - EBOOK

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When her past comes back to haunt her, Rebecca will question everything she thought she knew.

Rebecca Chance is a Black Ops Agent for the Arcanum. She works in the shadows, saving a disbelieving humanity from powers beyond comprehension night after night.

In a world filled with Magic, Magi and monsters, the Arcanum is humanities last defence against their ever-present threat.
The Agents of the Black Ops division are the ones in the field, taking the fight to the enemy.

A new organisation of mortals trading enchanted items has arisen. Rebecca is tasked with finding out more about this group and stopping them from selling these dangerous artifacts to the wrong people.
No one wants a dictator who can control people’s minds through Magic.

But when her investigations reveal a part of her past she thought long gone, and a bigger threat to the mortal world, Rebecca begins to question everything.
Who should she trust? Where do her loyalties really lie?
But with powerful items for sale to the highest bidder, Rebecca must rise above her doubts and save humanity again.

Nights Rise: Arcanum Black Ops 1, is a Special Ops thriller set in the Urban Fantasy world of the Magi Saga.

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